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Paediatric Basic Life Support and First Aid Training

Mel Lindup

Mini Medics was started by Mel Lindup, a Paediatric nurse with over 15yrs of experience (working in varied clinical environments) and a mother to an energetic little boy.

I have worked in Great Ormond Street Hospital amongst others and have seen the results of good and not so good first aid. Having my own child has highlighted to me just how easy it is for accidents to happen and how ill prepared we can sometimes be to respond. I feel lucky to have knowledge around first aid and basic life support but have become aware when attending baby clubs etc. how few parents/child carers would be confident should they be presented with a choking child or burn for example.

Good, effective basic life support and first aid saves lives and we should all have the confidence and capability to do it.

The primary aim of my courses is ‘Always Building Confidence’. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, professional child carer or medical professional, I want people to finish a course feeling confident that they can use their new skills should the situation arise.

Courses are presented in a friendly and interesting manner, using PowerPoint presentation and hands-on practice using manikins. Handouts and useful links will be provided for clients to take away with them.

I can be flexible in my approach depending on your needs and can provide group courses or one-to-one if this suits you better.

Group courses of up to 6 people can be provided in the client’s home as well as one-to one courses. Group courses will be run regularly in Brentwood (please see website/ facebook for updates).

Mini Medics Training

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