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Course for parents, grandparents and carers

This course is specifically designed to give all those in a non-professional capacity the confidence to cope with some of the possible situations you may find yourself in.

The content will be taught using a combination of presentation slides and practical hands on skills using the manikins.

*The course does not certificate you for Ofstead early years requirements.


This is designed to be relaxed and informal with time for plenty of questions and practical hands on practice on the manikins provided.

  • Courses can be run in groups of up to 15 maximum in a classroom environment
  • We are flexible and can deliver training in your home if this is more convenient.


  • Manikins
  • Power-point presentation
  • Mats will be provided for clients to kneel on
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • A disposable mouth protector will be provided for each person

Course content

  1. What is first aid?
  2. Infant breathing. What’s normal and what isn’t
  3. Basic life support skills – including mouth-to-mouth and cardiac massage *MANIKINS USED FOR PRACTICAL SKILLS
  4. Managing the choking baby/child *MANAKINS USED FOR PRACTICAL SKILLS
  5. How to manage bleeding and recognize the signs of shock
  6. How to treat minor burns
  7. Treating a raised temperature and febrile convulsions
  8. Recognizing the symptoms of meningitis
  9. Managing minor head injuries

Various handouts will be provided after the course, with links to helpful websites and mobile apps that you may find useful.


per person in classroom environment
for a group of up to 6 people in clients home